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Sunset Mall is a simple "Vaporwave" style adventure game situated in a 90's Shopping Mall, I took a lot of inspiration from "Mall Quest" when creating this.

"Mall Quest" has a similar style and objective but sadly the game is very hard to find online anymore.


Explore a randomly generated mall in search of iconic 80's - 90's Music, Movies, Toys, Consoles and Games and enjoy the aesthetic style and music.


Please leave any feedback or ideas for the game below!


A big thank you to everyone who has donated or will donate, it really helps me out!

Steam Release:

It brings me tons of joy to announce Sunset Mall will be coming to Steam, this brings with it a lot more than just a new home, I will be adding achievements, different levels, more dialogue, a bigger library of music, games, toys ETC.

The game will be better overall with new particle effects and much more, there will be a founders pack available that will give you access to a sweet sound track, cool wallpapers and more!

WISHLIST SUNSET MALL ON STEAM - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1398750/Sunset_Mall/

*All versions of the game that are on Itch will remain here and will remain FREE however they will not be updated to the newest versions!

Game Features:

606 Gaminghttps://youtu.be/6axVJm-3SUM

Mister Omega : https://youtu.be/AvukejhWHdQ

WFGames : https://wfgames.net/games/sunset-mall/

Product Hunthttps://www.producthunt.com/posts/sunset-mall


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Really captures the spirit of Mall Quest! Are you planning to develop more content or is this basically done? If you are, I always liked MQ's random NPC dialogue.


Yes I am planning on making lots more like this, I love the Vaporwave style and have plans for another vaporwave game that I will hopefully start work on soon!


where is the bank

(1 edit) (+1)

In version one there are only 2 ATMs in the mall, they are in opposite corners, in version 2 they spawn randomly outside of stores!




The Game Was Great! Waiting For The Next Update! Keep It Up! (Here's my gameplay on it and pls like and subscribe)


thank you for playing,

It was a great video!

Whoa so Mall Quest is back? Were you the original creator or is this an inspired fan remake?

it’s a fan remake, although I don’t want to copy the game completely, so it’s a little different but the similarities are still there!


Those pink heaired muggers are scarier than they look, especially when there’s a group of them surrounding you.


This Game is good and all 

but the Muggers are too Relentless and i can't find the ATMs

Working on an update, this will be fixed!


this is fun !


woah, it's free now!


Yep! I didn’t want the game to be paid forever, I just wanted a tiny bit of cash to make the game feel worth making, It was my first actual game on Itch so now that I know what it’s like I’m more than happy to keep this game free!

I’m working on a bunch more games in my spare time too.

I downloaded and played it, it was great! I always wanted to play mall quest but could never find a safe download.

Thank you! I’m still working on it behind the scenes so hopefully the game will be more fun and have a few more things to do in it in the next few weeks.

I'm  excited!


This game looks good